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Lolita Wishlist

This is a working list of lolita items I most want, in no particular order.
Desired color and style are shown, unless otherwise indicated.

Elegy Albino Accord JSK I

Must Fit 94cm bust, 80cm waist

Innocent World Amalia JSK, Pink

Innocent World Rococo Rose Border, Green

Innocent World Lauretta Rose JSK, Long

Brown or Pink only

Innocent World Square Yoke Doll OP

This specific dress is too small, but I am looking for similar styles in navy
Must fit 37in/94cm bust

Innocent World Anniversary Rose Just Waist JSK, Short

Beige or Navy

Innocent World Forest Harvest JSK, Beige

L size

Angelic Pretty Lucky Key OP, Wine</b>

Innocent World Ribbon Shirring Blouse, Beige

Angelic Pretty Porter Chocolat Pouch
Porter Chocolat リング

Innocent World Classical Doll Alice Apron, Beige

BTSSB Long Frill Peticoat, Ivory or Beige

AATP Wisdom Apple Ring, Antique Gold
Wisdom apple リング

Innocent World Angel Ribbon Clip, Beige

Triple Fortune Bonnet

Beige with brown

Automatic Honey Pumpkin Kuma

tokimekigabriel ghost necklace

Nov. 27th, 2006

It rained!

I actually fell out of my bed in my hurry to see that off-hand pitter-patter that I could just barely hear over the sound of my fan; That is to say, I fell onto my desk and then into my chair. I went and sat on the desk by the window and, even at 3 o'clock in the morning, there was enough light from my room to illuminate the rain dancing plants outside my window. It was only for a moment and then it stopped.

I miss the rain.

Jul. 14th, 2004

peice of parents conversation I heard (hopfully out of context):

mother- "you were very rough last night"
father- "well it's been so long since anything's happened"

*shutter, gag, die*


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